A robot is not always the ideal solution

A robot can be the answer to many industrial challenges, but is not always the best option. Robots may, for example, not be ideal for high speed packaging lines of standard products such as a filling lines running at 72,000 bottles per hour. It can be better to provide these lines with standard systems developed specifically for them, which, although less flexible, are more adaptable and take less space than robots.

The implementation of robotic solutions can have a positive impact on other types of packaging lines, bringing undeniable gains in terms of profitability, flexibility, performance and product quality.

Robots can save your company

Many organizations are constrained to more flexibility. To satisfy their customers, they must constantly adapt the characteristics of their products and their packaging. They are pressured
to produce smaller orders forcing them to make more frequent format changes
which may have a potentially negative impact on manufacturing efficiency. In addition, cost must constantly be optimised and operational margins maintained. Setting up robots, can help achieve these multiple goals!

Fréderic Fréderic Sente, CEO of Desimone, notes based on his experiences : “For us, a robot is a flexible, robust and highly reliable tool requiring little maintenance and allowing fast format changes. Effective implementation of robotic solutions significantly improves the OEE, reduces production costs, as workforce use and can, when linked to an in-line inspection system, also improve the quality of your products.

robots on production line

The installation of robots can provide additional benefits, such as the improvement of sanitary safety. Bacteriologically sensitive products are no longer manipulated by people. Often, the implementation of robots involves optimization of the number of conveyor, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption. Releasing operators from repetitive and sometimes harmful tasks can be seen as a positive contribution to the well-being of workers. Finally, a sensible combination of robots and inspection systems ensures that products are handled properly and that only flawless products are packaged.


Project steps

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