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Automation with a complete Turn Key Machine and Pick and Place robot


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Packaging Line Automation

We engineer and implement innovative packaging process solutions from primary packaging to palletising.

Quality Control Solutions

Our systems detect and reject defective products as soon as they appear.  They allow rapid corrective actions as line supervisors get real time feed-back about quality deviations.  Quality control department get reports informing about production quality levels or type of defects eliminated from the line.

Special Machine Construction

Your engineering department may have designed a special machine.  You may have used our engineering resources to create a custom made machine.  In both cases, our production facilities are at your disposal, to build, test, install and start-up the machine, following the highest industrial standards.

Engineering Services

Our engineering division, composed of experts in mechanics, electricity, robotics, automation, security and pneumatics, is equipped with the most modern CAD/CAM tools and is able to ensure the entire life cycle of an industrial project, from design to final acceptance.

Industrial Maintenance

A team of more than 20 highly qualified technicians is available to help You to maintain the production facilities up and running. Special support contracts may be offered to satisfy any specific production equipment requirement.

Certification Support

Specially trained prevention consultants and engineers assist the industry to reach CE compliance for existing and new equipment.

Our Technology cluster:

– offers YOU cutting edge solutions by grouping expert companies;

– gives YOU a source of creativity trough the set-up of synergies;

– gives YOU more value for money thanks to our cost cutting strategies;

– provides YOU better service and support as we exploit our organisational complementarities;

– puts YOU in direct relation with expert companies.