What we offer

A unique approach

Our Zero Defect Automation approach, offers much more than a sense of quality. Our automation solutions are not only conceived to reduce the risk of manufacturing defective products, but they are also fully integrated with 100% automatic in-line quality control systems. Production quality is automatically monitored and analysed to help the line supervisor to improve his production efficiency and quality.

Quality Control Inspection Systems
Why our difference is so important to you.

Automating manufacturing processes, eliminates human interventions and human errors. Products are almost exclusively made and manipulated by machines.

Standard automation manufacturing systems, as they are usually found in the market, give a false feeling of quality to YOU, the product manufacturer. The Amajo Cluster approach, allows experts in different technology areas to join forces, to develop custom made solutions which perfectly integrate production line automation and product quality supervision.  Defect products are prevented from reaching your customers, your company gains competitive advantage and delivers more value to the market!

Our mission.

Help companies, active in different industries – i.e. food, pharmaceutical, automotive, aeronautics, … –  to automate their manufacturing processes while keeping perfect control over product quality.  We help our customers to implement:

 Zero Defect Automation